Cee-Bee Aviation

Product Name Description
Super Bee 300LF
Product Number: 20095
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Liquid cleaner for aqueous cleaning and degreasing prior to descaling. Can be used in immersion or spray applications. Can be used for cleaning prior to fluorescent penetrant inspection. Can be used for exterior engine cleaning prior to teardown.
Cee-Bee® A-7X7
Product Number: 26001
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Liquid cleaner for aqueous cleaning and degreasing prior to descaling.
Cee-Bee® Cleaner C-46
Product Number: 26006
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Heavy-duty powdered soak cleaner. Can be used to remove greases, carbon, enamels, varnishes and lacquers. Safe to use on steel, copper, magnesium and titanium.
Super Bee™Cleaner 262 Gel
Product Number: 20110
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A non-solvent, highly concentrated gel specifically designed for cleaning aircraft exterior surfaces.
Cee-Bee® ALKO
Product Number: 22001
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Thickened alkaline heavy-duty cleaner; corrosion and carbon remover. For use on all steels. Not for use on aluminum alloys.

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