Cee-Bee Aviation

Product Name Description
Cee-Bee® J-84AL
Product Number: 26036
APV. List  |    Data Sheet |  Video
Liquid alkaline descaler for removing heat scale from engine parts. Can be used on titanium under appropriate conditions.
Cee-Bee® J-84A
Product Number: 26013
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
Powdered version of Cee-Bee® J-84AL alkaline cleaner for removing rust and heat scale.
Cee-Bee® Additive GO-2L
Product Number: 26005
 Data Sheet
Additive for use with Cee-Bee® J-84AL or J-84A type solutions. 24 pails per pallet.
Cee-Bee® J-89
Product Number: 26050
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
Powdered alkaline scale remover for titanium alloys.
Cee-Bee® J-88L
Product Number: 26025
APV. List  |    Data Sheet |  Video
Liquid version of Cee-Bee® J-88 alkaline permagnate scale conditioner for use with scale and rust removers and acid pickles for removing rust, heat scale, hot rolling scale and organic coatings.
Cee-Bee® J-19
Product Number: 26009
APV. List  |   Data Sheet
Powdered two-part inhibited acid descaler for use on steel following alkaline descaling.
Cee-Bee® J-3
Product Number: 26020
APV. List  |    Data Sheet |  Video
A mildly acidic liquid scale remover for use in hot section turbine engine overhaul cleaning processes.
Cee-Bee® J-2
Product Number: 26007
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
Mildly acidic liquid scale remover for high alloy steels.
Cee-Bee® C-623
Product Number: 26008
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
Inhibited phosphoric acid for continued removal of scale following alkaline descaling.
Cee-Bee® J-88
Product Number: 26016
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
A powdered alkaline permanganate scale conditioner. Used with rust and scale removers to oxidize iron deposits.

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