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Product Name Description
Speed Polish
Product Number: 20145 APV. List  |   Data Sheet
Cleans, polishes, and protects. Fast, easy application and removal. Non-yellowing poly/acrylic barrier provides UV protection. Safe on all aircraft surfaces. Glossy finish.
Speed Leveler
Product Number: 20147
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
Cleans and micro-levels. Non-rigid abrasive removes scratches without leaving swirl marks. Finish with Flight Jacket Speed Polish.
Wool Pad
Product Number: 20148
Natural lamb's wool pad for use with Flight Jacket Speed Leveler on tough soils and old, oxidized paint.
White Foam Pad
Product Number: 20149
Buffing pad for use with Flight Jacket Speed Polish.
Yellow Foam Pad
Product Number: 20150
Application pad for use with Flight Jacket Speed Leveler.
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