Cee-Bee Aviation

Product Name Description
Honey BeeTM Cleaner 60
Product Number: 25160
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
A thickened acidic liquid for removal of hard-water scale and accumulated waste materials from vacuum toilet systems. Allows for in-place cleaning. Can be directly applied to scale deposits for local cleaning. Maintains toilet systems in good operating condition with regular cleaning.
Honey BeeTM Cleaner 60T
Product Number: 25163
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
A thin version of Honey BeeTM 60, for use in circulating descaling.
Honey BeeTM Cleaner 60TNP
Product Number: 25164
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
A thin, non-perfume version of Honey BeeTM 60, for use with vacuum line Water Cleaning kit.
Honey BeeTM Cleaner 76
Product Number: 25176
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
An aircraft toilet cleaner designed to remove gummy deposits in aircraft toilet systems. Commonly used to soak holding tanks. Safe on all common aircraft construction materials including good quality paints, acrylics and high-strength steel.
Honey BeeTM Cleaner 90
Product Number: 25190
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A general-purpose liquid to clean and deodorize all water washable surfaces. Safe on Plexiglas, most plastics, good quality paint and aircraft structural metals.
Cee-Bee® Intex® 8992
Product Number: 20138
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
A pleasantly scented cleaner for glass and mirrors. Ready to use; no mixing required. Cleans without streaking.
Honey BeeTM Cleaner 80
Product Number: 25182
APV. List  |    Data Sheet
A glass cleaner used as received for mirrors, acrylics, and stainless steel surfaces.

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