Cee-Bee® Maritime is a partnership between McGean and MerchINTs Cleaning & Services BV (MC&S), an international trading company founded in the Netherlands in 2001.

McGean has been a successful developer, producer and supplier of formulated products for a variety of industries for over 80 years. The Cee-Bee® product line for the aviation industry consists of a large number of top quality cleaning products.

MerchINTs Cleaning & Services (MC&S) introduced a similar product line in the maritime industry with the GreenBioClean line. Both companies have now teamed up to introduce the maritime industry to their superior quality cleaning products and supply these products to customers throughout the world.

To meet this challenge of gaining the trust of and building a lasting name in the maritime industry, McGean and MC&S have entered into a partnership.
The name of the product line for the maritime industry is:

Maritime Products

With the introduction of Cee-Bee Maritime Products, the GreenBioClean product line for the maritime industry will be phased out. The numerous approvals for the Cee-Bee cleaning products that McGean has obtained in the aviation industry undoubtedly demonstrates the extraordinary quality of these products that will take cleaning in the maritime industry to a new level.

To inquire about Cee-Bee Maritime Products, contact:
P.O. Box 96, 8100 AB, Raalte, Netherlands
Telephone +31.0.572.364.396

Cee-Bee Maritime - MerchINTs Cleaning & Services BV
P.O. Box 96 | 8100 AB | Raalte, Netherlands
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