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Product Name Product Number Data Sheet
Basic Chrome Acetate Powder
(AKA: Chromic Acetate, Chromium Acetate, Chromium Hydroxy Acetate Powder, Chromium Hydroxide Acetate Powder, Chromium(III) actetate basic, Chromic Acetate Basic Salt, Acetic Acid Chromium(III) Salt Basic, Chromium Carboxylate)
35100 Data Sheet
Basic Chrome Chloride Powder
(AKA: Chromic Chloride, Chromium Chloride, Chromium Hydroxy Chloride Powder, Chromium(III) Chloride basic, Chromium Hydroxide Chloride Powder)
35200 Data Sheet
Basic Chrome Sulfate Solution
(AKA: Chromic Sulfate, Chromium Sulfate, Chomium(III) Sulfate Solution, Chromic Sulfate Solution, Chromium Hydroxy Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Chromium(III) Salt, (1:1))
35434 Data Sheet
Chrome Acetylacetonate
(AKA: Chromium Acetylacetonate, (OC-6-11)-tris-(2,4-Pentanedionato-O,O')-chromium, Chromium(III) Acetylacetonate, Chromium(III) 2,4-Pentanedionate, Aetylacetone, Chromium(III) Salt (3:1), Cr(acac)3)
35150 Data Sheet
Chrome Alum Crystal
(AKA: Chromium Alum, Potassium Chromium Sulfate, Chromium Potassium Sulfate Dodecahydrate, Chromium Potassium Alum)
35411 Data Sheet
Chrome Nitrate Soln, 11.5% chrome
(AKA: Chromic Nitrate, Chromium Nitrate, Chromium(III) Nitrate, Nitric Acid Chromium(III) Salt (3:1))
35470 Data Sheet
Chrome Nitrate Soln, 9.6% chrome
(AKA: Chromic Nitrate, Chromium Nitrate, Chromium(III) Nitrate, Nitric Acid Chromium(III) Salt (3:1))
35471 Data Sheet
Chrome Nitrate Soln, 8.5% chrome
(AKA: Chromic Nitrate, Chromium Nitrate, Chromium(III) Nitrate, Nitric Acid Chromium(III) Salt (3:1))
35679 Data Sheet
Chrome Propionate Complexes
(AKA: Chromium (III) Propionate, Propionic Acid, Chromium(III) Salt, Propanoic Acid, Chromium(III) Salt, Chromium Carboxylate)
35425 Data Sheet
Chrome Tartrate Solution
35222 Data Sheet
Chromic Acetate Solution
(AKA: Chrome Acetate, Chromium Acetate, Chromium(III) actetate, Acetic Acid Chromium(III) Salt (3:1), Chromium Carboxylate)
35420 Data Sheet
Chromic Chloride Solution
(AKA: Chrome Chloride, Chromium Chloride, Chromium(III) Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Chromium(III) Salt (3:1))
35430 Data Sheet
Mixed Chromium Phosphate
(AKA: Chromic Phosphate or Chrome Phosphate, Mixed Chromium(III) Phosphates, Chrome Phosphates, Chromic Phosphates, Chromium(III) Phosphates)
35446 Data Sheet
Chromic Dihydrogen Phosphate
(Chromium(III) Dihydrogen Phosphate, Chrome Dihydrogen Phosphate, Phosphoric acid, chromium(III) salt (3:1), Chromium(III) tris-(dihydrogen phosphate))
35448 Data Sheet
Magnesium Chromate Powder
(AKA: Chromic Acid, Magnesium Salt (1:1))
35500 Data Sheet

About McGean’s Trivalent Chromium Products

McGean has been a world leader in trivalent chrome technology and products since 1976 when it entered the Specialty Chrome Chemicals business through an acquisition. With over thirty-five years of experience in developing and manufacturing, McGean is the premier source for specialty trivalent chrome products including: Basic Chrome Acetate Powder, Basic Chrome Chloride Powder, Basic Chrome Sulfate Solution, Chrome Acetylacetonate, Chrome Alum Crystal, Chrome Alum Powder, Chrome Nitrate Solution, Chrome Propionate Complexes, Chromic Acetate Solution, Chromic Chloride Solution, Mixed Chromium Phosphates, Chromium Dihydrogen Phosphate, and Magnesium Chromate Powder.

McGean’s trivalent chrome products are of superior quality and are frequently used as starting materials in formulations and chemical processes that provide exceptional properties for conversion coatings for corrosion protection, cross-linking of polymers for oil field applications, catalysts, grease resistant coatings, nutritional additives, and many other applications.

If you do not see the compound needed for your application, contact McGean’s Specialty Chemicals Division about producing your custom designed product.

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