The McGean Specialty Chemicals Division manufactures niche industrial chemicals for a wide variety of markets. These products can be either part of McGean's product offerings or can be custom manufactured according to our customers' process and specifications. McGean Specialty Chemicals Division products are manufactured at our facilities in Cleveland, Ohio and Livonia, Michigan in the USA. Our products ship from our warehouses in Cleveland, Livonia and Hong Kong.

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to practice a diverse range of batch chemistries. We also have a staff of experienced process chemists and engineers that can develop commercial manufacturing processes for a wide variety of chemicals.

McGean's organic specialties include a variety of proprietary and custom intermediates based on allyl chloride, benzyl chloride, epichlorohydrin, organic zircoaluminate, chromic chloride complexes, and other raw materials. Our line of inorganic specialties consists of compounds based on chromium, nickel and molybdenum.

Our trivalent chromium intermediates offer safety, toxicological, environmental, operational, and quality advantages over traditional hexavalent chrome raw materials. McGean's special chrome products provide corrision inhibition, cross-linking, coupling, catalytic function, coloring and even nutritional properties in a range of applications.

You can reference our listing of Products by Market and Products by Family to learn more about the chemicals and markets we supply.



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