McGean Specialty Chemicals Division

Surface Finishing and Electronics

McGean manufactures a wide range of chemistry for the surface treatment and electronics industries. Our products are supported by more than 30 years experience, knowledge, and commitment servicing these industries.

McGean specialty organic, chrome, and copper chemistries are designed for use as brighteners, polymers, grain refiners, corrosion inhibitors, and intermediates for a variety of electroplating processes.

McGean is able to customize these and other types of compounds to meet your custom design needs.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

Drilling muds and gels that contain McGean trivalent chromes have successfully enhanced oil recovery for more than 20 years. McGean's chrome acetate is available in both liquid and solid forms and chrome propionate is available as a liquid.

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Fiberglass Additives

McGean's Cavco Glas products are chromium complexes for use as coupling agents for glass fiber reinforced plastics. Used on any heat cleaned glass fabric for reinforced laminates and in size formulation for glass fiber roving reinforcement. Cavco Glas additives have been proven especially effective in reducing static buildup when used in sizes designed for chopped fiber or other roving products.

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Specialty Chemical Applications

McGean manufactures a wide range of specialty chemistries for niche industrial applications - pigments, dyes, adhesives, sealants, reagents, and more.

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